Above: Group Research Retreat in 2018 at the Madren Conference Center.

The Clemson cRew


Principal Investigator/Associate Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

E-mail: mbirtwi@clemson.edu                                                                                  
Hobbies: Volleyball, tennis, crossfit, obstacle racing

Project:  All of them (mwwwaaaaahhhahhhahh)


Cemal Erdem, PHD

LINCS Postdoctoral Fellow

E-mail: cemale@clemson.edu
Hobbies: Sightseeing, reading, video games

Project: LINCS MCF10A common project: Mechanistic kinetic modeling of cell proliferation and cell death


Xiaoming Lu

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: xiaomin@clemson.edu

Hobbies: Reading and movies

Project: Mammalian Artifical Chromosomes

Madeline McCarthy.jpeg

Madeline McCarthy  

PhD Student, ChE

Email: memccrt@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Hiking, painting, cooking, drinking wine, spending time with my dog

Project: Multiplexing using Spectral Imaging and Combinatorics (MuSIC)


Arnab Mutsuddy

PhD Student, ChE

Email: amutsud@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Reading and playing video games

Project: Mechanistic Modeling of Glioblastoma Cell Response to Combination Chemotherapy

Deepraj web.jpg

Deepraj Sarmah

PhD Student, ChE

E-mail: dsarmah@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Reading fantasy books, quizzes, traveling and amateur singing

Project: Reconstructing Kinase Networks for Targeted Therapy in Glioblastoma

that one picture of me that looks good (1).jpg

Charles Wang

M.S. Student, ChE (joint with Blenner Lab)

E-mail: cwang6@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Reading science fiction and fantasy books, video games, hockey, anime, quiz bowl, puns and bad jokes

Project: Human Artificial Chromosomes


Orrod Zadeh

M.S. Student, ChE

Email: ozadeh@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: rock climbing, travel, and hiking

Project: High-Throughput Quantitative Western Blotting with the Microwestern Array


Xiang zhang

Phd Student, Computer Science

Email: xzhang7@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Running, coffee, movies, gadgets

Project: Cell imaging, including cell culture, photoing, detection, segmentation, and tracking by deep learning and computer vision techniques.

The nyc crew

All of these folks have an NYC lab home, but retain shared projects in the Birtwistle Lab

Alan Stern 

PhD Student, Iyengar Lab

E-mail: alan.stern@icahn.mssm.edu
Hobbies: Photography, microcontrollers, trumpet, The Birtwistle Lab Band

Project:  Reconstructing Dynamic Kinase Networks Controlling Proliferation




Carson Brackett

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: cdbrack@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Exercise, pageants, travel, watching football, and spending time my friends

Project: Translation of signal transduction pathways into computational models


 Kathleen Buda

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: kbuda@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Weightlifting, car jam sessions, cooking and talking

Project: Translation of signal transduction pathways into computational models

Heather Peer.jpg


Heather Peer

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: hpeer@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Working out, kayaking, hiking, and traveling

Project: Multiplexing using Spectral Imaging and Combinatorics (MuSIC)

Nicolina Slenkovich.JPG

Nicolina Slenkovich

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: nslenko@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, volunteering with animals and playing with dogs

Project: Translation of signal transduction pathways into computational models


Ian Weber

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: iweber@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Mountain biking, tennis, and guitar

Project: Combining Big Data with Live-Cell Imaging for Automatic Image Analysis

Baylee ID.jpg

 Baylee Westbury

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: bayleew@g.clemson.edu
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, traveling, tissue cultures

Project: High-Throughput Quantitative Western Blotting with the Microwestern Array


Sarah Baum

Undergraduate, ChE

Email: sbaum@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: ultimate frisbee, piano, martial arts, and jigsaw puzzles

Project: Single cell glioblastoma subtype switching


Will Dodd

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: wbdodd@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Running, Playing the Double Bass, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Proejct: Single cell glioblastoma subtype switching


Ben Usry

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry
Email: benu@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: I read all the time. I play rugby here at Clemson. I can play guitar and piano.

Project: Increasing antibody titer using a mammalian artificial chromosome in chinese hamster ovary cells


Karly Ripple

Undergraduate, Creative Inquiry

Email: karlyr@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Snowboarding, spending time with family and friends, skateboarding, hiking, and playing lacrosse

Project: Multiplexing using Spectral Imaging and Combinatorics (MuSIC)

Previous Members

Mehdi Bouhaddou

PhD Student, 2013-2017
Current: Postdoc, Krogan Lab, UCSF

Rick Koch

Senior Associate Researcher, 2014-2017
Current: Staff Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

luis santos

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
Current: Postdoc in the Chipuk Lab at Mount Sinai

Deanalisa Jones

PREP Scholar, 2015-2017
Current: MD/PhD student at Mount Sinai

Greg Smith

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
Current: Postdoc in the Sealfon Lab at Mount Sinai

Hadassa Holzapfel

Volunteer, 2013-2015, Associate Researcher, 2015-2017
Current: MD student at Ben-Gurion University in Israel

Emilce carrasco

Senior Associate Researcher, 2012-2016
Current: Teaching at Nassau Community College

Harish muppirisetty

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2015
Current: ??

Sulaiman Somani

MD Student Research Volunteer, 2014-2015
Current: MD Student at Mount Sinai

Taylor Thompson

PREP Scholar, 2014-2015
Current: MD/PhD student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Research Associate, 2017-2019

anne marie barrette

PhD student, 2016-2019

Jesse westfall

MS Student, 2017-2019