Above: Group in 2016 at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park.

The Clemson cRew


Principal Investigator/Associate Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

E-mail: mbirtwi@clemson.edu
Hobbies: Volleyball, tennis, crossfit, obstacle racing

Project:  All of them (mwwwaaaaahhhahhhahh)

Caitlin apptrail.jpg

caitlin anglin

Research Associate

E-mail: canglin@clemson.edu
Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, sewing and crafting

Project: Making the lab function, to be continued


jesse web.JPG

Jesse Westfall

PhD Student, ChE (joint with Kelly Lab)

E-mail: jwestfa@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Cycling, fishing and fantasy football

Project:  Novel Delivery Approaches for Combining Cytotoxic and Targeted Therapies in Glioblastoma



Deepraj web.jpg

Deepraj Sarmah

PhD Student, ChE 

E-mail:  dsarmah@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Reading fantasy books, quizzes, travelling and amateur singing

Project: Mechanistic Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models for Cancer Precision Medicine

that one picture of me that looks good (1).jpg

Charles Wang

M.S. Student, ChE (joint with Blenner Lab)

E-mail:  cwang6@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Reading science fiction and fantasy books, video games, hockey, anime, quiz bowl, puns and bad jokes

Project:  Human Artificial Chromosomes



James(Jake) Erskine IV

Undergraduate, ChE

Email: jerskin@g.clemson.edu

Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Working out, Cooking, and Fishing

Project: Network Reconstruction from Perturbation Time Course Data



Creative Inquiry-Microwestern

Team: Orrod Zadeh, Ashley Phillips, Baylee Westbury, William Interiano (Left to right)

The nyc crew

All of these folks have an NYC lab home, but retain shared projects in the Birtwistle Lab

Anne Marie Barrette

PhD Student, Tsankova Lab

E-mail: annemarie.barrette@icahn.mssm.edu
Hobbies: Cooking, playing the piano, organizing social events, trivia nights, The Birtwistle Lab Band, traveling, Stanford Football

Project:  Multidrug Targeting of Kinase Networks in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Mehdi Bouhaddou

Roche Postdoctoral Fellow, Roche Innovation Center in NYC

E-mail: mehdi.bouhaddou@icahn.mssm.edu
Hobbies: Tennis, lab, running, swimming, biking global health

Project:  Modeling of Pan-Cancer Driver Pathways to Predict Stochastic Proliferation and Death

Rick Koch

Senior Associate Researcher, DToxS LINCS Center

Email: rick.koch@mssm.edu
Hobbies: Acting

Project:  The Microwestern Array

Alan Stern 

PhD Student, Iyengar Lab

E-mail: alan.stern@icahn.mssm.edu
Hobbies: Photography, microcontrollers, trumpet, The Birtwistle Lab Band

Project:  Reconstructing Dynamic Kinase Networks Controlling Proliferation


Previous Members

luis santos

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
Current: Postdoc in the Chipuk Lab at Mount Sinai

Deanalisa Jones

PREP Scholar, 2015-2017
Current: MD/PhD student at Mount Sinai

Greg Smith

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
Current: Postdoc in the Sealfon Lab at Mount Sinai

Hadassa Holzapfel

Volunteer, 2013-2015, Associate Researcher, 2015-2017
Current: MD student at Ben-Gurion University in Israel

Emilce carrasco

Senior Associate Researcher, 2012-2016
Current: Teaching at Nassau Community College

Harish muppirisetty

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2015
Current: ??

Sulaiman Somani

MD Student Research Volunteer, 2014-2015
Current: MD Student at Mount Sinai

Taylor Thompson

PREP Scholar, 2014-2015
Current: MD/PhD student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine